“Rick Shaffer is back with more of his signature proto punk . . .”

CrossradarRick Shaffer is back with more of his signature proto punk, just as bristling and energetic as ever.

‘Killer Time’ kicks things off with swaggering vocals that race alongside the furious guitars which splutter along and give way to a solo that is curiously slurred and tight at the same time. ‘Going Down Slow’ paints the picture of devil-may-care driving down the road late at night, with flashes of British rock thrown into the mix. Rick Shaffer’s work continues to be exciting and engaging, on the one had looking back to the influences of early punk rock, while on the other always looking for new ways to communicate that punk aesthetic. ‘Your Charm’ takes a classic riff and redevelops it for its own purposes, like taking some old clothes and deconstructing them to be recreated in a new way. It’s all still the same fabric, but it’s sometimes time to be used differently. As a result, the tracks found on Outside Of Time have a feeling of familiarity while also offering the excitement that comes from engaging with new tunes.

Shaffer certainly sticks to a consistent model, and anyone who knows of his work is unlikely to be disappointed with this new selection of upbeat, swaggering tunes.

• Chris Marsh • August 24, 2016


Would you go to work every day for a year, or more, to get paid .001% of  a PENNY?  I don’t think so.  But, currently, the unethical practice of  paying musicians and song writers .001% of a penny for the music you listen to on a daily basis via the internet is exactly what is happening.

Below is a link to an article by The Trichordist about this issue, along with comments from Bono, LL Cool J, Elton John, Eminem, The Grateful Dead, Prince, and many more.

This form of Internet Slavery forces every artist, famous or not, to be paid less than someone in a third world country, while billions of advertising dollars are illegally made from their music by corporations.  We hope you’ll voice your support via Twitter and Facebook, by sharing The Trichordist article.

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