2017 marks Rick Shaffer’s eighth solo album, “Stolen Moments”, which was inspired by the concept that there are no guarantees or promises in life.  Throughout his career, Shaffer has turned over every possible stone, and he’s decimated them all into a thousand pieces. He helped jump start punk rock, merged seamlessly into garage rock and found success with The Reds©, a band he co-founded, he has since found his way to solo punk and garage rock releases among other projects. That all makes his new record an incredibly hard act to follow. What else is there left to conquer? The proto-garage raver to end all garage ravers, that’s what!

Rick Shaffer’s art balances garage primitivism and smart rock craft, which will frequently draw avant-gardists and casual listeners alike, to his unique rock n’ roll fervor. Combining jagged, roaring guitars and fast-slow dynamics with raw melodic vocals, intertwining harmonics, and evocative, lyrics, Shaffer is an accomplished musicians who is not afraid to wail and bash out chords while his lead guitar squeals out spirals of beautiful noise.

The music’s shrieking power will cover every emotional and intellectual territory inside your cluttered brain, as “Stolen Moments” pushes the envelope, redefines, and ultimately sets fire to the foundations of everything currently found under the rock tag and all its sub-genres.

It is of course, abrasive in parts, but it is not inaccessible to even mainstream radio. I could easily imagine tracks such as Downtown Suzy”, Modern Lie, Time Strays and Call My Name blaring from my radio. It may take some time to get past the squalls of raw power, but once you do, it is easy to see that this actually is a very melodic album. The guitars wail and scream and Shaffer uses his instrument like few others do today. A great full-length from one of the smartest, ingenuous artists foraging within the genre, in my humble opinion.

No theatrics, no sense of hip or cool. Just the basics. The performances themselves are delivered in variable doses of bone crushing, elegance, beauty, raw, power, and color. The great thing about Rick Shaffer is that he is an artist that does everything so right. The vocals are fierce and emotive, Teddy Rixon’s bass like loud, delicate thunder, Stevie Carlisle’s drums smart, inventive, and solidly anchored.

And then there is Shaffer’s guitar, bearing the responsibility of bringing all those twisted, sonic sounds right into your stereo. Of course, there are the songs that exult those qualities, among them: All I Want, One In Five, Higher, Chopping Wood and Danger Awaits. Rick Shaffer is for real, and “Stolen Moments” is an immense creative process transformed into musical form, one that is impossible to ignore.


RockWired Voters Name Rick Shaffer November ARTIST OF THE MONTH

rockwiredartist-ofthemonthThe polls closed for RockWired’s November 2016 ARTIST OF THE MONTH campaign. Voters made their vote count and Rick Shaffer is RockWired’s 72nd ARTIST OF THE MONTH.

Back in 2011, guitarist Rick Shaffer perked our ears at RockWired with the release of his solo album “HIDDEN CHARMS” and it’s reliance on the very fuzzy, distorted guitar sounds that made Link Wray legendary, the swagger that made The Stones the big deal that they’ve been for fifty some odd years, and Shaffer’s purring vocals that recall Stooges-era Iggy Pop, and Velvet Underground-era Lou Reed. Trust us when we say that no charms were hidden on that album. It was all audible and the perfect antidote to much of the over-production that had come to typify a lot of rock music that year.

Hell, over-production still typifies much of the rock n roll that’s out there now and thank God for Shaffer’s album “OUTSIDE OF TIME.” Shaffer’s gritty rock ‘n roll approach is put to good use on material that speaks to life’s highs and lows (mostly lows) such as the stomping first single “Going Down Slow” accompanied by a mesmerizing music video.

∎October 31, 2016 — Brian Lush — RockWired.com

WATCH THE VIDEO ► http://www.tarockmusic.com/going_down_slow_video/



The Reds fans kept asking . . . .

. . . . and we listened.

The Fatal Slide and Stronger Silence albums, by The Reds®, are now available on CD Baby to buy 89¢ mp3’s, or get one song free when you buy an entire album.

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“BUY AND SELL” Video Released

“Buy And Sell” is the second track on Rick Shaffer’s solo album, Hidden Charms, released February 2011, by Tarock Music. Shaffer continues, expands, and nicely follows-up the feel of his first solo album, Necessary Illusion, released March of 2010. The concept is for Hidden Charms to have a sound both new and old simultaneously, allowing it to find it’s place in a radio mix from1965, and beyond.

The album’s vibe inspired British director, Peter McAdam, to recruit 2011 youth right off the street, and placing them on the set of a 1960’s dance hall he created at High Bridge Studios, Newcastle UK, and letting “Buy and Sell” play . . . LOUD. The result is a video that also combines new and old, continuing the Hidden Charms concept by having today’s youth easily blend into the 1960’s and not looking, or feeling, out of place.


In “Hidden Charms” Rick Shaffer follows the path that he took with his first album, “Necessary Illusion,” released in 2010. The record contains ten tracks that represent a 1960’s mood and vibe.

What catches attention is a hypnotic beat of percussion, really powerful fuzz-toned guitar, and numerous solos delivered by Shaffer that can be heard in every track. When you add his vocal, changing from bluesy and soulful, to rock and roll strong, it makes a good, and worth noticing, album.

Tracks like “No Big Thing” with a powerful guitar solo and tambourine jingle, “Shadow Line,” “Crime Of Love,” or “The Stranger” with a rocker thick atmosphere, strongly prove that “Hidden Charms” includes songs that could definitely satisfy every listener with an appetite for ’60’s music.

“Buy And Sell” is the piece especially worth mentioning, since it’s catchiness and guitar hook, with a strong and rhythmic vocal, gets stuck in your head.

You can feel the groove of these times, and enjoy rock, blues, and soul music mixed together in one album.

• Barb Adamczyk-Mitka • ROCK ON! MAGAZINE


“Shaffer’s fuzzy blues guitar drives each track commendably along the way”. . . . to read Kevin Kozel’s entire Muzik Review, of Rick Shaffer’s album, “Hidden Charms,” click HERE.

Tarock Releases 2nd Rick Shaffer Solo Album

Rick Shaffer’s second solo venture, “Hidden Charms,” was released by Tarock Music on February 11th. The new album continues, expands, and nicely follows-up the feel of his first solo outing, “Necessary Illusion.” To read more about the songs on the album, and to listen to the first track, click on . . .