RockWired Voters Name Rick Shaffer November ARTIST OF THE MONTH

rockwiredartist-ofthemonthThe polls closed for RockWired’s November 2016 ARTIST OF THE MONTH campaign. Voters made their vote count and Rick Shaffer is RockWired’s 72nd ARTIST OF THE MONTH.

Back in 2011, guitarist Rick Shaffer perked our ears at RockWired with the release of his solo album “HIDDEN CHARMS” and it’s reliance on the very fuzzy, distorted guitar sounds that made Link Wray legendary, the swagger that made The Stones the big deal that they’ve been for fifty some odd years, and Shaffer’s purring vocals that recall Stooges-era Iggy Pop, and Velvet Underground-era Lou Reed. Trust us when we say that no charms were hidden on that album. It was all audible and the perfect antidote to much of the over-production that had come to typify a lot of rock music that year.

Hell, over-production still typifies much of the rock n roll that’s out there now and thank God for Shaffer’s album “OUTSIDE OF TIME.” Shaffer’s gritty rock ‘n roll approach is put to good use on material that speaks to life’s highs and lows (mostly lows) such as the stomping first single “Going Down Slow” accompanied by a mesmerizing music video.

∎October 31, 2016 — Brian Lush —




“Hard Times Sixty” ∎ A New Rick Shaffer Instrumental Single Release


Tarock Music has released a second instrumental single by Rick Shaffer entitled, Hard Times Sixty.  This time Shaffer’s influence was the British Rocker style of the1960’s.

Listen to the Hard Times Sixty on SOUNDCLOUD, and BUY IT HERE

Rick Shaffer’s New Video ∎ “SOME SAY”

Misadventure_600x600Tarock Music has just released Rick Shaffer’s new video of SOME SAY, which is track 2 on his fifth solo album, Misadventure.

Once again, Christopher Kelley (Table Sixteen Productions — took it to the limit with an intense, fast moving visual story to compliment the lyrical content of the song — “What have we learned.”  Kelley delivered the layered, dense, chaotic, rhythmic feel Shaffer wanted, and their second collaboration was right on the mark.

The artist in the video is real life, award winning, Ilinois artist, Kirsten Nadine Mitchell (, and the part of her “lover” is played by her real life husband, Michael Mitchell.

The artwork created in the video, is based on original artwork by, Jill Emery, whose original artwork is the Misadventure CD cover.  Emery’s  artwork is a free flowing cathartic mixture of poetic symbolism and spirituality, which comes through beautifully in her amazing  paintings.  And, Emery’s musical background had her playing bass in the bands, Super HeroinesHole (her artwork was used for the “Pretty On The Inside” album), Mazzy StarShadow Project, and The Decadent.  Visit Jill’s Etsy store, SallyGotsThe, where you can see/buy her paintings.

Watch the “Some Say” video HERE

Download a FREE mp3, and read the album liner notes HERE

“Shake Appeal” by The Reds® Re-released Worldwide

SA_Front_600x600SHAKE APPEAL, by The Red®, originally released in 1984 by Sire Records, has been re-released by Tarock Music in the USA, and in all other worldwide territories by Warner Music Group.

Shake Appeal was the first album released by The Reds® after bass player, Jim Peters, and drummer, Tommy Geddes, left the band leaving founding members, Rick Shaffer and Bruce Cohen, to go forward as a duo.

Shake Appeal, is named after the track on the Raw Power album, recorded by one of their musical influences, Iggy Pop.  The results are best exemplified on tracks Laughing, Waiting For You, and the closer Beat Away which has a booming Joy Division feel propelled by Shaffer’s haunting vocals and disturbing lyrics.

Waiting For You was in the Tri-Star film, Band Of The Hand, as well as being included on the film soundtrack album, released by MCA Records.  Director, Michael Mann, used three tracks in his ground breaking show, Miami Vice, because Shake Appeal was then, and still is, the definitive sound and atmosphere of the 1980’s.

It’s time to listen to Shake Appeal again with today’s ears.