Canada’s 3Angels Films Releases “Summer Rewind”

The latest film release from Canada’s 3Angles Power Films is, “Summer Rewind.”  Directed by Gladys Karam, the film demonstrates the concept that souls never die and continue on through blogs and vIogs, as well as paranormal activity, and ghost sightings.  Visual effects play an important role in unfolding the storyline, combined with shooting on location in historic Cornwall, Ontario, founded in 1784.

The 3Angeles continue their tradition of culling music artists from around the world, including three tracks for the film and soundtrack CD licensed from Tarock Music, “Witches Brew” by Bruce Cohen, “Got To Know” by Rick Shaffer, and “Dark As Night” by The Reds.  The film’s theme song was composed and recorded by the UK’s Rizo Balic, while artists Christopher Christofi, Ryda, Elie Kallas, Jano Feghali, Hope Wiseman, and Jeanne d’arc Karam (one of the 3Angles) each contributed their own unique music tracks.




From All Of Us At Tarock Music . . .


“Cruel World” Licensed By Table Sixteen Productions



Table Sixteen Productions has licensed “Cruel World” for the independent film Full Frame, directed by Christopher Kelley.  “Cruel World” is track 6 on Rick Shaffer’s album, Hidden Charms.Cover.HiddenCharms1

Full Frame is a taut, neo-noir throwback to the classic thrillers of the 1940’s, and features exceptional storytelling from director/writer Christopher Kelley, as well as his superb cinematography, along with a talented ensemble cast, highlighted by newcomers Charles Whitcomb, Frankie Murphy-Giesing, and Jeff Baird.

The Midwest Independent Film Festival will host the world premiere of Full Frame on August 4th, at the Landmark’s Century Centre Cinema in Chicago.  Director/writer Christopher Kelley, and producer Victoria Kelley, will be in attendance for a post-screening discussion with the audience.

In the meantime, watch the FULL FRAME TRAILER HERE

Canada’s 3 Angels License 2 Songs For Thriller Film — “Unfit Misfit”

Cover.One.BC    TwoBC.3

Ontario Canada’s 3 Angeles Power Film Production, a/k/a The Karam Sisters — Gladys, Jeanne D’Arc, and Mona Lisa — have licensed two Bruce Cohen songs from Tarock Music — “Sal Mineo Rumba” (One BC), and “Monolith” (Two BC).

Directed by Gladys Karam, the new project is a fictional suspence/thriller entitled, “Unfit Misfit,” scheduled for release October 2015.

In addition to Bruce Cohen’s two songs, there’s an amazing diverse roster of artists contributing music to the film’s soundtrack — from Canada: The Spoons, Jeanne D’arc Karam, Sound Pro/TÄZ, and Mandy Bo — from USA: Bedford Davis, Ken Wank, Ryda & K-DubRizo Balic (UK) — Jano Feghali (Egypt) — Christopher Christofi (Cyprus) — from Beirut: Salim Assaf, Wissam Chabo, Mirna Sarkis, Rita Nasr Karam, and Tony Nasr.





The only “free” part of the “LOCAL RADIO FREEDOM ACT” is that Big Radio wants MUSIC content for FREE.

Capitol SmallThe LOCAL RADIO FREEDOM ACT, if passed, would continue the incredibly unfair practice of allowing FM radio to play music WITHOUT PAYING THE PERFORMERS and LABELS.

For those who don’t know, FM radio’s $17 BILLION in ANNUAL revenue is more than twice the entire recorded music industry combined.  Despite that, FM radio pays NOTHING to artists and labels for the use of those recordings, unlike Internet radio, satellite radio and cable radio, which DO pay.  So, the “FREE” part is for FM radio to get all their music content for FREE.

Click HERE to easily voice your opposition DIRECTLY TO YOUR LOCAL REPRESENTATIVES by entering your zip code.

Rick Shaffer’s New Video ∎ “SOME SAY”

Misadventure_600x600Tarock Music has just released Rick Shaffer’s new video of SOME SAY, which is track 2 on his fifth solo album, Misadventure.

Once again, Christopher Kelley (Table Sixteen Productions — took it to the limit with an intense, fast moving visual story to compliment the lyrical content of the song — “What have we learned.”  Kelley delivered the layered, dense, chaotic, rhythmic feel Shaffer wanted, and their second collaboration was right on the mark.

The artist in the video is real life, award winning, Ilinois artist, Kirsten Nadine Mitchell (, and the part of her “lover” is played by her real life husband, Michael Mitchell.

The artwork created in the video, is based on original artwork by, Jill Emery, whose original artwork is the Misadventure CD cover.  Emery’s  artwork is a free flowing cathartic mixture of poetic symbolism and spirituality, which comes through beautifully in her amazing  paintings.  And, Emery’s musical background had her playing bass in the bands, Super HeroinesHole (her artwork was used for the “Pretty On The Inside” album), Mazzy StarShadow Project, and The Decadent.  Visit Jill’s Etsy store, SallyGotsThe, where you can see/buy her paintings.

Watch the “Some Say” video HERE

Download a FREE mp3, and read the album liner notes HERE