“. . . Bruce Cohen’s “Three BC” is an incredible journey.”

Recalling the halcyon days of early Warp Records, Bruce Cohen’s Three BC is an incredible journey. Possessing a keen ear for melody the textures shimmer and shine. At times nearly psychedelic with his deeply physical yet emotionally affecting songs, these are sounds to get completely lost in, for the multiple layers and speed is astounding.

“Blue Stomp” the album opener wastes absolutely no time in getting started. With a clever ebb and flow of sound the song is structured ideally revealing a keen sense of pacing. Much more subdued in tone is the neon-hued synthesizer sweeps of “Shoot First” which at times is reminiscent of early Future Sound of London. The bright melody of “Dead On” makes it a true highlight bouncy around iridescently. Swirling around with a slight hint of shoegaze’s love of textures is the grandeur of “Witches Brew.” A haunting melody helps to add to the depth of “Witches Brew” making it feel nostalgic at times. By far the highlight and the heart of the album is the grandeur of “Just Be Boom.” Here the sweeping melody and unstoppable rhythm give it a dreamy quality. Riffing off of this theme works wonders and shows off Cohen’s impeccable taste. An absolute beast of a track is the sheer physicality of “This Is The One.” “Opus Funkus” ends the album on a high note. Funk in tone, “Opus Funkus” has an almost geometric quality to it, constantly shifting and transforming into something new while adhering to the infectious beat.

On “Three BC” Bruce Cohen shows off an uncanny ability to merge elements of EDM and ambient resulting in a satisfying whole.

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Third Solo Album Release By Bruce Cohen ► THREE BC — IN A TRANCE

Three BC — In A Trance is the third solo album by Bruce Cohen released by Tarock Music.

Even though Three BC has twelve stand-alone tracks, the album plays like a twelve-song suite. His approach to composing on Three BC is much different than his earlier albums, One BC and Two BC, where his love of film comes through with an almost cinematic quality with a lush, ambient theme behind each song.  Three BC focuses on the popular, and somewhat controversial, EDM genre that’s all about the beat.  Cohen’s quirky stamp of electronic keyboard scrapes and grooves, combined with his rubbery bass playing, gives the genre a unique twist.

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