Tarock Music Releases Rick Shaffer’s “JITTERBUG SHAKE”

JitterbugShake_FrontTarock Music’s release of Jitterbug Shake marks the sixth solo album by The Reds® guitarist Rick Shaffer.

The album’s fast, excitable sound of garage blues digs deep into his early R&B/rock & roll influences.  It was recorded with almost every song and instrument pushing the needle into the red (i.e., overload).  Normally, that would be a problem, except for the fact the repertory was written and conceived by Shaffer, with the likes of Chuck Berry, Bo Diddley, Slim Harpo, and early British Pretty Things and Rolling Stones in mind.  Get set to rock it to the max.

The Jitterbug Shake artwork is by talented artist, Claire Smith, whose painting, “All The Right Moves,” caught Shaffer’s attention as the perfect visual for the CD jacket.

You can read the Jitterbug Shake Liner Notes, and download a FREE mp3 of track 4, “So Tired,” at this link ►http://www.tarockmusic.com/jitterbugshake.html



Preview Rick Shaffer’s “JITTERBUG SHAKE” & Get A FREE mp3


Tarock Music is releasing Rick Shaffer’s sixth solo album, “Jitterbug Shake,” on June 16th.

To watch a 3D preview of the CD jacket art and disc visit this link . . . http://tinyurl.com/py45men

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Photograph: “Saturn63” ©2015 Theresa Marchione