Canada’s 3 Angels License 2 Songs For Thriller Film — “Unfit Misfit”

Cover.One.BC    TwoBC.3

Ontario Canada’s 3 Angeles Power Film Production, a/k/a The Karam Sisters — Gladys, Jeanne D’Arc, and Mona Lisa — have licensed two Bruce Cohen songs from Tarock Music — “Sal Mineo Rumba” (One BC), and “Monolith” (Two BC).

Directed by Gladys Karam, the new project is a fictional suspence/thriller entitled, “Unfit Misfit,” scheduled for release October 2015.

In addition to Bruce Cohen’s two songs, there’s an amazing diverse roster of artists contributing music to the film’s soundtrack — from Canada: The Spoons, Jeanne D’arc Karam, Sound Pro/TÄZ, and Mandy Bo — from USA: Bedford Davis, Ken Wank, Ryda & K-DubRizo Balic (UK) — Jano Feghali (Egypt) — Christopher Christofi (Cyprus) — from Beirut: Salim Assaf, Wissam Chabo, Mirna Sarkis, Rita Nasr Karam, and Tony Nasr.