Rick Shaffer’s New Video ∎ “SOME SAY”

Misadventure_600x600Tarock Music has just released Rick Shaffer’s new video of SOME SAY, which is track 2 on his fifth solo album, Misadventure.

Once again, Christopher Kelley (Table Sixteen Productions — http://www.table16.com) took it to the limit with an intense, fast moving visual story to compliment the lyrical content of the song — “What have we learned.”  Kelley delivered the layered, dense, chaotic, rhythmic feel Shaffer wanted, and their second collaboration was right on the mark.

The artist in the video is real life, award winning, Ilinois artist, Kirsten Nadine Mitchell (https://www.linkedin.com/pub/kirsten-nadine-mitchell/13/72a/a38), and the part of her “lover” is played by her real life husband, Michael Mitchell.

The artwork created in the video, is based on original artwork by, Jill Emery, whose original artwork is the Misadventure CD cover.  Emery’s  artwork is a free flowing cathartic mixture of poetic symbolism and spirituality, which comes through beautifully in her amazing  paintings.  And, Emery’s musical background had her playing bass in the bands, Super HeroinesHole (her artwork was used for the “Pretty On The Inside” album), Mazzy StarShadow Project, and The Decadent.  Visit Jill’s Etsy store, SallyGotsThe, where you can see/buy her paintings.

Watch the “Some Say” video HERE

Download a FREE mp3, and read the album liner notes HERE

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