Tarock Music Releases Rick Shaffer’s 5th Solo Album


Misadventure marks the fifth solo album by Rick Shaffer and he’s back in the garage again, with some of his best songs, performance, and production to date.  The ragged edges, room echo, distortion, great hooks, and underlying menace are right in place for some compelling tension and adrenaline drenched garage blues.

The overall themes concern personal truth’s, the cost of blind faith, and the acceptance, not dread, of the sinister undercurrent knocking on your front door.

The artwork for Misadventure is by artist, Jill Emery, who has an interesting duel artistic background.  Her artwork is a free flowing cathartic mixture of poetic symbolism and spirituality, which comes through beautifully in her amazing  paintings.  Emery’s musical background had her playing bass in the bands, Super Heroines, Hole (her artwork was used for the “Pretty On The Inside” album), Mazzy Star, Shadow Project, and The Decadent.  Visit Jill’s Etsy store, SallyGotsThe, where you can see/buy her paintings.

And, look for the video release of track 2, Some Say, that’s currently in production by director, Christopher Kelley (Table Sixteen Productions).

Click on MISADVENTURE to read all the album liner notes, and download a free mp3 of track 2, Some Say.

WATCH the video of “Some Say” HERE.

Tarock Music


Ropeadope Releases Bruce Cohen’s Big Fun 3 – Fade Out


The new Big Fun 3 “Fade Out” album release is harder, heavier, and funkier than ever.   Once again Bruce Cohen, on Hammond organ, reunites with the line-up from the second Big Fun 3 album.  Peter Lucas on sublime crazed guitar, and Tony Foster on solid funked up drums and percussion.

The improvisation and density is still there, but with the emphasis now on the groove.  The title “Fade Out” came about when the trio realized  all the tracks simply faded out.  It was a fitting way to end each track, since the jams seemed to just keep going, with no end in sight.

Miles Davis famously said, “The music speaks for itself.”  And that same sentiment works for “Fade Out.”

The album officially launches on June 17th, and for further info visit the Ropeadope website, or buy it now on iTunes.