“Franceska Finger NailZ” Premiers In Canada

KaramSisters23 Angels Power Film Productions Inc. is ready to release their second film, Franceska Finger NailZ, with the premier on October 19th (5:30 PM), at the Navy Club, in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada.  Attendees will have the chance to mingle with the cast, and ask questions during the 25 minute fan conference.

“We always wanted to produce a horror film, and we thought now is our chance” said co-owner Gladys Karam, who along with her sisters Jeanne D’Arc and Mona Lisa own 3 Angels Power Film Productions Inc.

Franceska Finger NailZ is a thriller,” explained Ms. Karam. “It certainly keeps the viewer’s imagination active with unlimited suspense.”

Franceska Finger NailZ tells the story of a group of individuals who experience an unforgettable camping trip that takes a wrong turn, ending up in a different time and place, while Franceska remains the only link.  On Friday the 13th, the campers find themselves stranded in a rather creepy destination.  While some go in search of help, others go missing.  Will they all return safe and sound or simply get lost in time?  Franceska Finger NailZ takes the viewer on an adventure – will it have a happy ending or a miserable beginning? our imagination active with unlimited suspense.

Franceska Finger NailZ was filmed in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, with a number of local actors, including Josh Welsh, Maileen Perkins and Caren MacNevin, with a guest appearance by pro wrestler, Tony Stallone. The film also features various music artists, including three licensed Tarock Music songs, Stream, Martian River, and The Dark, all written, produced and performed by Bruce Cohen, keyboard player for The Reds®, and Big Fun 3.

(Source: Cornwall Business Enterprise Centre)

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