3 Songs Licensed For “Freefall” Series

FreefallEl Cee Productions has licensed three songs from Tarock Music for three episodes for their new season of their very popular series, Freefall.

Award winning writer/director/cinematographer, Lamont Pierré, along with writers Chris Saunders and Geno Brooks, have created a controversial and successful crime drama about three masculine black gay men who are involved in a life of crime, while dealing with the trials of their personal relationships.

Two of the licensed songs are, Ringing The Bell, from The Reds© album, Fugitives From The Laughing House, and We’re On, an instrumental from Tarock’s music library also by Reds members,  Rick Shaffer and Bruce Cohen.  The third song, Death In Venice, is from Cohen’s first solo album, One BC.

“This Way” Licensed For Grand Benders 2nd Season

GrandBendersToronto’s Robeter Productions has licensed “This Way” for two episodes of  the second season of the Canadian TV Show, Grand Benders.

Grand Benders is an original docu-soap that follows the exploits of the Rapaport family — Mickey, Nancy and Justin — owners of Cocos, a one-of-a-kind hotel, nightclub, restaurant and bar located along the strip in Grand Bend, Ontario.  Season 2 premieres  mid-May 2013.

“This Way” is track 2 on Bruce Cohen’s second solo album, Two BC.  To purchase a CD or mp3’s click ► HERE!