The Once A Week Online Film Festival ● EVER HEAR A POSTMAN WHISTLE?


Directed by award winning, Bexie Bush,  Ever Hear A Postman Whistle?” was created for the BBC’s Open University Creative Climate Short Film Competition.

Two old armchairs discuss changing lifestyles and expectations.  Their conversation covers shopping, waste, windmills, postmen and what really matters in life and we find they introduce an ideal way to explore issues around consumerism with their depth of humor, wisdom and experience.  The film gently introduces the idea that we were less wasteful in the past.

All audio for this film is a recorded natural conversation, the microphone wasn’t hidden, but it was unobtrusive.


Spectacular AirPano 3D Aerial Panoramas

AirPanoLogoYou have got to take some time out of your day to view some amazing 3D Aerial Panorama Virtual Tours from AirPano.  You will find yourself going back to this site over and over to watch the spectacular films from around the world.  Locations you will know,  locations you’ve seen in your dreams, and locations that will make you think you’re on another planet.

AirPano is a Moscow based group of photo enthusiasts, dedicated to creating hi-resolution aerial panoramas.  Usually they photograph from a helicopter, however at times they use light jets, dirigibles, hot air balloons, and radio-controlled helicopters.

To read about the AirPano team of photographers, click HERE.

Watch and bookmark AirPano for your continual enjoyment.