The Reds® 1979 Debut A&M Album “THE REDS” Now Available On ALL Popular MP3 Sites

Fans of The Reds® will be happy as pigs in you-know-what now that their 1979 A&M debut album “The Reds is available on iTunesAmazoneMusicMOG, RhapsodyTradeBit,  7 Digital, Zune, with most other popular download sites to follow.  The re-release was via Universal Music, who now controls the A&M masters.

Produced by David Kershenbaum, the critically acclaimed album still lives up to the warning, “This is not an album for the soft of heart, or head.”  But, don’t take our word for it, following are a few album review quotes . . .

Kurt Loder, Rolling Stone (1979)“On their debut album, The Reds® prove themselves capable of kicking up as much urban art-rock ruckus as any band this side of Pere Ube.”

Robert Palmer, Sounds/Penthouse (1979)“Unconditionally recommended.”

Chuck Eddy, in his book, Stairway To Hell – The Best 500 Albums In The Universe (1991)” . . . upon initially hearing “Self Reduction” on the radio I thought that somebody’d finally knocked some sense into Deep Purple’s heads.”

Vinyl History (2008)“The album explodes with fireworks in a black sky, as the 1970’s come to an end.  Put simply, it’s a “Landmark Record” which is why it has never lost its allure.”

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