“BUY AND SELL” Video Released

“Buy And Sell” is the second track on Rick Shaffer’s solo album, Hidden Charms, released February 2011, by Tarock Music. Shaffer continues, expands, and nicely follows-up the feel of his first solo album, Necessary Illusion, released March of 2010. The concept is for Hidden Charms to have a sound both new and old simultaneously, allowing it to find it’s place in a radio mix from1965, and beyond.

The album’s vibe inspired British director, Peter McAdam, to recruit 2011 youth right off the street, and placing them on the set of a 1960’s dance hall he created at High Bridge Studios, Newcastle UK, and letting “Buy and Sell” play . . . LOUD. The result is a video that also combines new and old, continuing the Hidden Charms concept by having today’s youth easily blend into the 1960’s and not looking, or feeling, out of place.

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