Tarock Music is very pleased to announce we have signed a licensing Agreement with GLOBAL RIDE PRODUCTIONS to use songs, written by Rick Shaffer and Bruce Cohen, in CYCLING FUSION videos.

Global Ride Productions is the world market leader in producing the highest quality virtual cycling DVD’s. Founded by entrepreneur and long time cyclist, Gene Nacey, the Global Ride name was chosen to reflect a mission born from the detachment between the indoor and outdoor worlds of cycling. Most outdoor cyclists see indoor cycling as a boring sub-par method of training, while indoor cyclists have no desire to brave the outdoor elements.

Via their partnership with Cycling Fusion, the Global Ride team have created a means for these two cycling groups to see the benefits of each by providing high-quality videos that combine filming international scenes, using honest cycling training methods, paired with multiple coaching tracks from international coaches and industry leaders. Then artfully adding layers of upbeat commercial music, topped off with bonus yoga, pilates or strength training sessions. The resulting videos place Cycling Fusion at the forefront of an innovative cycling movement.

Sign up for the CYCLING FUSION NEWSLETTER & BLOG, and don’t miss reading REVIEWS of their unique DVD’s, with the added benefit of being introduced to other interesting cycling sites.

Tarock Music looks forward to working with Nacey and his highly skilled Global Ride Productions team.

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