“Dirty Step Upstage” WINS Mexico International Film Festival Award

Well, folks, there’s just no stopping Ms. Amber Moelter. The film, Dirty Step Upstage, which Moelter wrote, directed, and stars in, has won another coveted award. ALM Talkies has just announced that the Mexico International Film Festival awarded Dirty Step Upstage with the Silver Palm Award, along with a distinctive nod to Ms. Moelter by noting, “our judges felt that your film demonstrated excellent and outstanding filmmaking, and is deserving of special recognition. Your film was among the very best submitted from over several dozen countries around the world.”

Tarock Music is pleased to report that The Reds’, Rick Shaffer and Bruce Cohen, contributed two songs, “We’re On” and “Last Exit,” to the film, and are included on the Dirty Step Upstage soundtrack CD.

Tarock Music and The Reds, once again, are happy to send our congratulations to Amber.