“NECESSARY ILLUSION” the first solo venture by The Reds guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/founding member, Rick Shaffer, has just been released by Tarock Music. The ten song album is a neo ’60’s fusion of garage blues/rock, with a sonic signature of raw, distorted guitars, atmospheric percussion, and stark droning hill country blues, in a swirl of “Excello Records” style reverb.

Visit DIGSTATION to listen to previews and download songs. In the upcoming weeks the album will also be available on Amazon, CD Baby, iTunes, Amie Street, and most other popular music sites. Or, buy the CD today, directly from TAROCK MUSIC.


ALM Talkies has announced that “Dirty Step Upstage” has been accepted into the Cannes Independent Film Festival , which takes place in May, right along with the infamous Cannes International Film Festival, founded in 1939. The events of the film were based on an experience of director and star, Amber Moelter, that occurred in Cannes, and principal photography was shot on the French Riviera. Look for a newly redesigned film poster to tie in with the prestigious festival on the ALM Talkies web site.

The Reds’, Rick Shafferand Bruce Cohen, contributed two songs, “We’re On” and “Last Exit,” to the film, and they are also included on the Dirty Step Upstage soundtrack CD.

Quickstar Releases “ALLSTARS VOLUME 7”

QUICKSTAR has released a new thirty-nine song compilation album, “Allstars Volume 7,” that includes “Big Town,” by The Reds, from their album “Fugitives From The Laughing House.” Purchase it on AMAZON.

Quickstar Productions is dedicated to promoting, marketing, and distributing albums that support their belief that music can bring people together, and make the world a better place. To further their idea, Quickstar raises money and awareness for a variety of charities and organizations. To learn more, and add your support, visit the following web sites.

BRIGHTER PLANET helps individuals and organizations to measure, reduce, and offset their carbon footprint – then share their efforts and successes with others.

PSC PARTNERS SEEKING A CURE FOUNDATION does research for PSC, a rare liver disease that currently has no other cure than a liver transplant. PSC Partners is assisting in the advancement of knowledge about the disease, funding for research and the support of those afflicted.

HEIFER INTERNATIONAL is a charity that targets ending world hunger, eliminating poverty, encourages caring for our earth, and the general promotion of human rights.