Director David Smith Completes “SALLY”

Caryn May

Director, David Smith, has announced that his film short, “Sally,” is completed and ready to view on YouTube.

The film stars, Caryn May, in the title role, with supporting actors Sonya Joyner as the Mom, Susan Heiss as the mother, Jim Powers as the father, and Dylan as the son.

The Reds were happy to contribute the song, “Sidebuster,” from their album, “Early Nothing.” Additional music was contributed by composer/pianist, Felipe Sarro. Look for additional David Smith film shorts and videos at Sky Jam Videos.


INTRADA RECORDS has just released a long awaited soundtrack CD, from the Michael Mann film, “MANHUNTER.”

Based on the Thomas Harris novel, Red Dragon, “Manhunter” featured the first appearance of psychiatrist-turned-cannibal Hannibal Lecktor, played by Brian Cox, with William Peterson playing protagonist FBI agent Will Graham. With the nefarious assistance of Lecktor, Graham desperately tries to stop the lunar-driven slayings of Francis Dollarhyde, very scarily played by Tom Noonan. Nicknamed “The Tooth Fairy” for his awful post-mortem activities, Dollarhyde will strike at another family if Graham can’t track him before the next full moon.

The film soon had a cult following, and when the soundtrack was no longer available, bootlegs abounded. Because the film score was written and recorded by Rick Shaffer and Bruce Cohen, a/k/a The Reds, Tarock Music was the recipient of a never ending barrage of letters and e-mail from fans asking Tarock to re-release the soundtrack, which we tried to get Universal to do for many years. Finally, we brought the much sought after soundtrack to the attention of Intrada Records, a label that specializes in producing quality film and TV soundtracks. Marketing Director, Roger Feigelson, not only secured the soundtrack’s re-release, he also heeded fan requests by adding a bonus track. Jogger’s Stakeout, by The Reds, is a particular fan favorite that was not available on the original soundtrack, but is now available on the Intrada release.

Still included on the CD are two more fan favorites by The Reds, Lector’s Cell, and Leed’s House.

To ensure obtaining your very own “Manhunter” CD buy it today, direct from INTRADA RECORDS.

AudioSparx Features The Reds’ Atmospheric Music Pack For Licensing

Due to their popularity with clients, AudioSparx has created a larger display of Music Packs that spotlight artists with high quality content. Currently in the spotlight is The Reds “Atmospheric Night Edge Rock” Music Pack, containing ten intense, groove oriented soundscrapes on the lower side of life. While pounding drums support heavy bass and rippling guitars, and quirky keyboards play in and out between the noise.

Two additional Music Packs by The Reds are also available on AudioSparx:

“Neo-Sixties Dark Dangerous Rockers” – Described as ten rockers lurking in the shadows. 21st Century Rockabilly meets The Doors. Detroit metal with relentless drumming backing up razor attack slashing guitars, and 60’s influenced organ interplaying with the vocals of deviance. True real rock as it should be played.

“Intense Film Soundscapes” – described as eleven pieces for the soundtrack of love, life, hope, death and monsters. Percussive grooves to somber spacial cinematic themes. Lush keyboards, along with lurching sinister guitar work. You can dance to this stuff, or die with it.