“Dirty Step Upstage” Nominated In 10 Categories By MAVERICK MOVIE AWARDS

“DIRTY STEP UPSTAGE” has been nominated by the MAVERICK MOVIE AWARDS in the following categories: Best Picture ─ Producers – Bill Casale, Edward Wheeler, Amber Moelter; Best Director ─ Amber Moelter;
Best Screenplay ─ Amber Moelter; Best Actor ─ Tom Wontner; Best Supporting Actor ─ Brad Madison; Best Actress ─ Nova Reid; Best Supporting Actress ─ Amber Moelter; Best Editing ─ Amber Moelter;
Best Soundtrack ─ Music Supervisor – Bill Casale; Best Sound Design/Editing ─ Rich Cutler, Yvette Wojciechowski.

The Maverick Movie Awards was founded by moviemakers who have been through the glorious highs and crushing lows of the international film festival circuit. From their shared experiences came the calling to create a real alternative to the nepotism, politics, and commercialism that defines far too many festivals. Their goal is to help talented moviemakers achieve the recognition they deserve by awarding independent/underground movies that have a sense of style, a foundation in craft, and the power to communicate.

As noted here before, Rick Shaffer and Bruce Cohen contributed the songs, “We’re On” and “Last Exit,” to the film, and The Reds are included on the “Dirty Step Upstage” soundtrack CD.

Tarock Music and The Reds enthusiastically congratulate all the nominees.

NOTE: The above photo is the first Girl In The Red Dress poster by artist, Fetish-Ginkgo, and it will be available at the ALM TALKIES STORE this month.

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