Win the new 16GB exclusive RED iPOD (it shoots VIDEO!) by simply visiting the ALM Talkies Newsletter and SUBSCRIBING NO LATER THAN DEC. 2 . . . THAT’S IT! You could be the winner. Already subscribed to the ALM Talkies newsletter? Don’t worry, you’ll automatically be entered.

The first week of Girl In The Red Dress Giveaway starts Nov. 26, and is sponsored by THE REDS. The first winner’s iPOD Nano will be loaded with three songs by The Reds, SIDEBUSTER, DIGGIN’ IT and BIG TOWN, PLUS a brand new film short by British director, Peter McAdam, of The Reds song SO LONG, and the first winner gets two Reds pins.

Also loaded on the iPOD, for every winner, will be Girl In The Red Dress: EP, single “Who’s That Girl,” and artwork, Dirty Step Upstage: Trailer, featurettes, unseen stills, and exclusive music video preview, a personalized video to the winner using the iPod nano video recorder, and Dirty Up Stage promotional pins, and DSU movie poster!

Hey, before you click over to the ALM Talkies web site, SUBSCRIBE to THE REDS BLOG, to get The Reds news and promotion info first.

~ Posted by Tarock Music

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