“Dirty Step Upstage” SNEAK PEEK REVIEW


The following review of DIRTY STEP UPSTAGE is by SHANECE’S COMPASS:

The best part of this job is I get a sneak peek at some of the exciting entries to this year’s festivals, and my personal favorite fave is DIRTY STEP UPSTAGE.

Director, Amber Moelter, keeps the viewer guessing . . . is it a real documentary, or a fictional thriller? It reminded me of Jacob Aaron Estes’ gritty and brooding, “Mean Creek” (2004). Both films share secretive and oblivious, driven by obsession, fame, and revenge.

With all the proper thriller elements in place, a slow documented pace adds an underlying tension to the film. The visuals are supplemented by a soundtrack that’s both memorable and infectious.

As mentioned in earlier posts, THE REDS contributed two songs to the film’s soundtrack, so Tarock Music is especially pleased that the Shanece’s Compass review noted that Dirty Step Upstage has a “memorable and infectious” soundtrack.

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